WELCOME TO SPARROWK LIVESTOCK!

     Sparrowk Livestock is a sole proprietorship owned and operated by Jack and Beverly Sparrowk and is headquartered in Clements, California.  Operating on owned and leased ranches in north central California and southeastern Oregon, cattle raising and some associated farming are the sole business.

     A first generation rancher, Jack Sparrowk started Sparrowk Livestock shortly after graduation from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in 1964.  He began by buying and selling stocker and feeder cattle for other cattle operations while buying cattle for grazing on his own leased pastures.  Jack purchased his first commercial breeding cows in 1970 and his first ranch in 1972.

     In 1977, Jack leased the historic Howard/Arroyo Seco Ranch and has continued that lease even though the ranch has changed ownership in recent years.

     Jack and Beverly Sparrowk purchased Drews Valley Ranch near Lakeview, Oregon in 1978, and the former Lucky Hereford Ranch, now Bar One Cattle Company, in Sierra Valley, California in 1995.  Bar One is a 50/50 partnership with two Colorado cattlemen.

     Other leased lands include a large US Forest Service grazing allotment in conjunction with Drews Valley Ranch, Calaveras Ranch in Sunol, California, and seasonal leases in both California and Oregon.

     Sparrowk Livestock is committed to resource conservation along with operating an efficient and profitable livestock business. 


Sponsored by National Cattlemen's Beef Association, Natural Resources Conservation Service,
United States Fish and Wildlife Service, Dow AgroSciences

Sparrowk Livestock
P. O. Box 657
Clements, CA 95227
209/759-3831 fax

"Sparrowk Livestock's mission is to sustain and improve an efficient, economically sound cattle operation that supplies wholesome, nutritious beef for the consuming public while protecting and enhancing the environment, natural resources and wildlife habitat that occur on our ranches."

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