Cattle Ranching

All Sparrowk cows winter on Northern California annual grasslands and a major portion of the cow herd is moved in late spring to summer mountain ranches in Northern California and Southeastern Oregon.  These cattle remain until the fall rains germinate the annual grasses on the California winter rangelands.  This management system allows for a modified rest and rotation system.

A portion of the cows shipped to Oregon graze US Forest Service allotments from June to early September and are rotated from pasture to pasture according to the Annual Operating Plan.  The remaining cows pasture on deeded meadow or forested pastures of Drews Valley Ranch.  

Sparrowks annually retain 400 to 500 replacement heifers and retain ownership on some calves that are fed in Colorado.

Bar One Cattle Company is primarily a stocker operation but also runs a cow herd.  Bar One retains ownership on the calves and some stockers that are fed at the Colorado partners' feedlot in Colorado.

The Bar One ranch is located near Loyalton, California and is a part of the Sierra Valley, Callifornia's largest alpine valley.

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