The Sparrowks and their associates have been active in cattle industry leadership roles, having served as officers, directors and/or committee members on the local, state and national levels.
Jack Sparrowk
California Cattlemen's Association, 2nd Vice President; Brand Committee, Chair; Marketing committee
California Beef Council
California Department of Food and Agriculture,
Livestock Identification Advisory Committee Chair (20 years)
Cattle FAX President, West Coast Director
Chicago Merchantile Exchange Advisory Committee for
Feeder Cattle Contract
National Cattlemen's Beef Association Marketing Committee;
NCBA Packer Concentration Study Group
Oregon Rangeland Trust, Founding Director
San Joaquin/Stanislaus County Cattlemen's Association, President
National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, Associate Director
National Cattlemen's Beef Association Region 6 Cattle Businessman of the Year
San Joaquin County Agriculture Hall of Fame Inductee
San Joaquin/Stanislaus County Cattleman of the Year

Beverly Sparrowk
Foundation Beefmasters Association President;Board of Directors
California Cattlemen's Association Animal Welfare Committee, Vice Chair
Beefmaster Breeders United Board of Directors
National Cattlemen's Beef Association Federal Lands Committee
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation's Conservation Council
Oregon Rangeland Trust, Secretary
San Joaquin/Stanislaus County Cattlewomen, President
National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame, 2008 Inductee
San Joaquin/Stanislaus County Cattleman of the Year
San Joaquin/Stanislaus County CowBelle of the Year
Joint Recognition
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Chuck Yeager Award 2003
National Cattleman's Beef Association
Region 6 Environmental Stewardship Award 2012
Lake County, Oregon Stockgrowers Stewardship Award
Darrel Sweet
California Livestock Man of the Year
California Cattlemen's Association, President
California Rangeland Trust, Chairman
California Rangeland Coalition, Founding Member
National Cattlemen's Beef Association, Director and Executive Committee
Cattlemen's Beef Board
Jeff Sparrowk
CattleFax - Board Member
National Cattlemen's Beef Association, Marketing Committee Chair
California Cattlemen's Association, Marketing Committee Chair
San Joaquin - Stanislaus Cattlemen's Association, President
California High School Rodeo Association, District 3, President
Rich Rice
San Joaquin - Stainslaus County Cattlemen's Association, Director
San Joaquin - Stanislaus County Cattleman of the Year
San Joaquin County Farm Bureau, Member
Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo Rodeo Program Parent Representative and Advisor

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